November 2 - 17, Drury Stage

At the Presidential primaries in the summer of 1960 in Philadelphia, an ethical man running for the Presidential nomination runs against an "unscrupulous" man. Populist southern senator Joseph Cantwell is a "bigot and a charlatan", while William Russell, who prides himself on his honesty, is the liberal candidate, "likable, forceful and humorous." Both candidates try to get the endorsement of the popular outgoing president, who enjoys not telling them which one he'll endorse.

Timely & thought-provoking political thriller about ambition, scandal, ruthlessness, & corruption.

William Russell - John Jajewski
Joe Cantwell - Peter Hunt
Alice Russell - Rebecca Rather
Mabel Cantwell - Liz Angle
President Hockstader - Lee Waldhart
Mrs. Gamadge - Deborah Hearst
Dick Jensen - Carl Cawthorne
Don Blades - Nick Kaprelian
Senator Carlin - Joseph Lutz
Sheldon Marcus - Edric Johnson
Dr. Artinian / Reporter - Bart Terrell
Catherine / Reporter - Gina Gómez
Reporter - Sunny Schomaker
Reporter / Delegate - Jim Chiolino

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