The Duck Variations

Cal Bruce and Tom Haig, veteran Madison actors, bring to life a conversation between two elderly men on a park bench. (Credit: Marie Schulte)Performances: January 2008

By David Mamet

Directed by Betty Diamond





The Duck Variations features two elderly friends, sitting on a lakeshore bench watching ducks and telling tales. Their conversation skirts around the issues of friendship and the fear of being alone.

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That's a lot to pack into a quick show, only about an hour, with 14 scenes in one act, but the acting is superb, and the Bartell's intimate setting is ideal.

- Jay Rath, Wisconsin State Journal: Don't Be Fooled By Play's Simplicity

With a single simple setting and sixty minutes of almost continuous dialogue, this is definitely an actors' showcase and Bruce and Haig are excellent matches for the material.

- Christian Neuhaus, Dane 101: Get Ducked with Madison Theatre Guild

As for the actors, Haig is believable in his dotage, waxing rhapsodic in ways that are as risible as they are ridiculous.

- Bruce Bradley, The Isthmus: The Duck Variations: Conversation piece

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Age, Bad Eyes Can't Stop This Actor: Tom Haig is taking the stage at the theatre he helped refurbish.

Gayle Worland, The Wisconsin State Journal